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The Nursing Productivity Pak contains three powerful and easy to use nursing tools:

Staff Assignment Tool:  (HOW DOES IT WORK?)
  • generates Intershift Communication Masters for Charge Nurses
  • creates Patient Care Assignments
  • prints Patient Care Worksheets for each Nurse and Aide
  • remembers each Nurse's preferred Worksheet style (4 styles to choose from)
  • stores all patient care data
  • customizable for each unit, e.g. terminology, abbreviations, preferences, doctors, room #'s, staff, etc.

Acuity Grading Tool:

  • Patient Classification Worksheet grades patient acuity in up to 16 care categories
  • Calculates Acuity Rating Level (Low, Med, Hi or 1, 2 , 3) and applies it to Staffing Guide and Patient Care Worksheets
  • Formulas and Care Category descriptions are user-modifiable
Daily Staffing Tool:
  • calculates, with user-modifiable formulas, the number of RN's, LVN's and CNA's that are allowed for any given shift, patient census and patient acuity

Each tool is fully integrated with the others but may also be used independently.


Typically, each unit customizes it's own software with unique terminology for diagnosis/treatments, etc., room #'s, Dr.'s, staff.  This feature is one of NPP's great strengths.  Each unit/floor will designate a shift to update the patient care data QD.  This is really the only "cost" to using the program but the dividends are clear and accurate patient care info as displayed on Charge Nurse's report sheet and customized nursing/cna worksheets.  After the initial entering of unit and patient care data, the QD update is usually quick and easy, depending largely on the patient turnover of each unit.
At the end of each shift, someone clicks a couple of buttons to print out the worksheets to give to the oncoming nursing staff.  Report time is shorter, to the point and more efficient as nurses are freed from the wasteful daily copying of all information from the RAND/KARDEX.  They are more likely to note small details, emerging issues and ask questions of off-going nurses when freed of the drudgery of filling out blank worksheets.  Of course, nurses still check and update each worksheet against the RAND/KARDEX as part of taking report.  CN's love the voluminous information that is displayed on their 8 1/2 X 14 inch (landscape format) worksheets and how easy staff assignments are done.  Nurses that float to your unit will positively love it, making the transition easier for the nurse and safer for the patient.  Nurses appreciate the consistent and fair assignments, since they are based on Patient Acuity. You will no doubt soon hear that nurses are asking for the software back at their home units.
  Implementing a pilot program on just one or two units would be an inexpensive way to evaluate whether this approach is a good fit for your facility. 

The runtime version of the software requires only one pc and a printer, making it ideal for small facilities or single units.


 Network Version of the Nursing Productivity Pak  

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 Satisfied Users:

"This is an effective tool that automates the staff assignment process and improves communication between shifts. Floating nurses, registry and new employees are especially appreciative. Updating the database takes very little time. It's definitely a 'feather in our unit's cap' "!- Nurse Manager

"It's really nice that I can walk in the door and have my assignment handed to me with up-to-date patient information. Getting report is easier and I take care of my patients sooner. This definitely makes my life easier!"- Nurse

"I never have liked computers but this thing is really easy to use. And I like that I don't have to wonder which nurse has this patient or what kind of transfer or diet, etc. It's all right there on my worksheet."- CNA


Nursing Productivity Pak modules:

Patient Acuity Grading Tool
Staffing Mix Calculator
Staff Assignment Tool

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