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To purchase the Nursing Productivity Pak, click on the PAYPAL "Buy Now" buttons below. Your software can be downloaded and installed immediately. The Registration Code will arrive soon (usually the same day) but the software is fully operational for 30 days without the Registration Code.

 P r i c i n g

The Nursing Productivity Pak is comprised of three primary modules, the Staff Assignment Tool, the Acuity Grading Tool
and the Staffing Mix Calculator. All tools are fully integrated but may also be used independently.
Patient Acuity Grading Tool
Staffing Mix Calculator
Staff Assignment Tool
Single Workstation License - $79.95(You need only a single computer and printer to make full use of the NPP!)
You may install this software on one workstation, located at one site.

Site License - $379.95 -
You may install this software on any number of computers, located at one site..

UPGRADE TO a Site License - $299.95 
After having purchased the Single Workstation License, you may upgrade to the Site License at a reduced price.




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