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 Nursing Productivity Pak modules:

Patient Acuity Grading Tool
Staffing Mix Calculator
Staff Assignment Tool

  P a t i e n t A c u i t yG r a d i n g T o o l-Click here to view a PowerPoint Slide Presentation and Screenshots

The Acuity Grading Tool is used to grade each patient by up to 16 patient care categories (2 categories are optional). The score is automatically tabulated and a user-configurable formula is applied to arrive at each patient's acuity level. This Acuity Rating appears on each nurse's and aide's Patient Care Worksheet, the Patient Data Form and the Patient Census List. It is also used by the Daily Staffing Calculator to compute (again via user-modifiable parameters) the number of RN's, LVN's and CNA's that are allowed for an individual shift, patient census and patient acuity. This formidable and complex task is made simple and quick with the use of this tool.

You can experiment with the Acuity Grading Tool immediately with the included sample patient data. - From the Main Menu, click on the Grade Patient Acuity (Patient Classification Form). - Place your initials in the popup window that appears, pressing the Continue button. - There now appears a sample patient with various Patient Care Categories already filled out. - The Acuity Level appears at the bottom and will also appear on the Patient Data Form, the Patient Census List, the Daily Staffing Guide and each shift's Staff Assignment.

The Daily Staffing Guide is a user-configureable worksheet that is used by Charge Nurses to incorporate current Patient Acuity levels with each shifts staffing requirements. Each unit can receive a unique "Shift Weight", depending on how the work load is divided between the various shifts.

From the Daily Staffing Guide, you can click on the Staffing Calculator button. This tool can be used as "scratch paper" to calculate staffing needs depending on various staffing/acuity scenarios.

Treat the Acuity Grading Worksheet as a tool to standardize grading and ease the task of incorporating those acuities in your Daily Staffing Tool. After grading a patient, you may very well overrule the tools internal formula and decide that a patient really should be bumped up to a High instead of the Medium that was given. In that case, simply use one of the empty Optional Care Categories and add a High grade to force the higher acuity level grade.

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