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You can sample many of the features of this valuable software nursing package immediately! A sample patient and staff database is included so you can try things out right away following your purchase and download. (When you are ready to add your own facility's information, simply choose the DELETE ALL RECORDS menu item from the EDIT MENU of the particular file that you are viewing.) 

Here are a few tasks that will introduce you to some of NPP's many features:

1. From the Main Menu, click once on CREATE STAFF ASSIGNMENT, then DAY SHIFT, then ASSIGN IN ORDER, then PRINT STAFF ASSIGNMENT. Four mouse clicks and you will have printed custom Staff Assignment Worksheets for Nurses and Aides, complete with patient care data.

2. Nurses can choose from 4 different Worksheet styles. To choose a Worksheet Style that is different from Style #1: from the Main Menu, click once on CHANGE STAFF INFORMATION, then WORKSHEET PREFERENCES, then click on a nurse's name, then choose Worksheet #1, 2, 3 or 4 (previewing each one if you would like).

3. From the Main Menu, click on CHARGE NURSE INTERSHIFT COMMUNICATION, then PRINT ALL SHEETS. This will print the communication tool that Charge Nurses use to pass on information from shift to shift. Data entered here is also automatically entered on the Nurses and Aides Worksheets.

4. From the Main Menu, click on CHANGE POPUP LIST CHOICES. Here you will see a form that allows you to customize this tool for your particular facility. Enter your own ROOM #'S, DOCTORS, TERMINOLOGY, DIAGNOSES and many other categories. Enter the information in any order that you would like, since the program will automatically alphabetize each Popup List as it is opened!

5. From the Main Menu, click on GRADING PATIENT ACUITY. You will then see the first patient record and an Acuity grading worksheet. Click on the VIEW RESULTS button and then on the GO TO DAILY STAFFING GUIDE. Some of the acuity categories and staffing formulas are user-configurable.

6. When you are ready to enter your own facility, staff and patient data, click on the HOW DO I BEGIN? Button on the Main Menu and follow the simple instructions.

Wander around! Click on all the buttons and see what happens. You are sure to find these tools both intuitive and easy to use for the new computer user, while having many advanced database features for the accomplished. Remember that you only need one computer and a printer to utilize these nursing tools. For a very small investment, you can make significant improvements in nursing communication and reducing nursing errors. 


Glenn Doney
Nurse/Owner/Developer, EZRecord Systems


Typically, each unit customizes it's own software with unique terminology for diagnosis/treatments, etc., room #'s, Dr.'s, staff.  This feature is one of NPP's great strengths.  Each unit/floor will designate a shift to update the patient care data QD.  This is really the only "cost" to using the program but the dividends are clear and accurate patient care info as displayed on Charge Nurse's report sheet and customized nursing/cna worksheets.  After the initial entering of unit and patient care data, the QD update is usually quick and easy, depending largely on the patient turnover of each unit.
At the end of each shift, someone clicks a couple of buttons to print out the worksheets to give to the oncoming nursing staff.  Report time is shorter, to the point and more efficient as nurses are freed from the wasteful daily copying of all information from the RAND/KARDEX.  They are more likely to note small details, emerging issues and ask questions of off-going nurses when freed of the drudgery of filling out blank worksheets.  Of course, nurses still check and update each worksheet against the RAND/KARDEX as part of taking report.  CN's love the voluminous information that is displayed on their 8 1/2 X 14 inch (landscape format) worksheets and how easy staff assignments are done.  Nurses that float to your unit will positively love it, making the transition easier for the nurse and safer for the patient.  Nurses appreciate the consistent and fair assignments, since they are based on Patient Acuity. You will no doubt soon hear that nurses are asking for the software back at their home units.
  Implementing a pilot program on just one or two units would be an inexpensive way to evaluate whether this approach is a good fit for your facility. 

The runtime version of the software requires only one pc and a printer, making it ideal for small facilities or single units.




Three valuable Nursing Tools have been developed: the Staff Assignment Tool, Acuity Grading Tool, and the Staffing Calculator:

The Staff Assignment Tool is a simple but powerful solution that reduces wasteful paperwork while improving nursing communication and ensuring quality patient care. Each Nurse and CNA receive patient data on work forms that are legible, current and complete, at the beginning of each shift! This is especially important for safe and error free delivery of care by registry, floating and newly hired employees, but equally important for consistent, daily communication between shifts. With a minimum of overhead, Inter shift communication and continuity of care is improved. Staff members no longer need to copy patient information onto blank worksheets at the beginning of each shift. Report times are shortened and crucial, current information is passed on. It is also a valuable administrative tool for accurate record keeping and information management. With the patient care information in hand, nurses are freed to discuss current and emerging patient care issues. Efficiency is improved as information is entered only once but used by many staff members.

The Acuity Grading Tool is used to grade each patient by up to 16 patient care categories (2 categories are optional). The score is automatically tabulated and a user-configurable formula is applied to arrive at each patient's acuity level. This Acuity Rating appears on each nurse's and aide's Patient Care Worksheet, the Patient Admit Form and the Patient Census List.

The Acuity Rating is also used by the Staffing Calculator to compute (again via user-modifiable formulas) the number of RN's, LVN's and CNA's that are allowed for an individual shift, patient census and patient acuity. This formidable and complex task is made simple and quick with the use of this tool.


- nurses may choose from 4 different worksheet styles
- easily add to the 150+ commonly prescribed medications already included
- creates staff assignments in seconds
- prints patient assignment worksheets for nurses and aides
- prints medication information for patients and families
- detailed staff and patient databases
- easily customize Room #'s, staff and patient data, pop up menu items, etc.
- reference calendar
- spell checking, with custom User-defined vocabulary
- easily exports and imports records to spreadsheets or other databases
- simple, intuitive interface
- help provided in plain English
- powerful search and sort database tools
- complex calculations performed at the touch of a button
- tools to generate reports, track trends (e.g. infection control, staff and patient issues, etc.)


Cross Platform: Windows or Macintosh OS.
ODBC import compliant: can draw data from most popular database formats.
The runtime version is designed especially to be used on individual terminals, allowing the highest level of customization per unit preference.


Files that will enable additional features, such as spell-checking and data and graphics importing, have been included with the Nursing Productivity Pak. When the application is first opened, these files will be automatically moved to the appropriate locations on your PC or Macintosh hard drive. 

Also, it is important that file names are not changed or moved out of their home folders. You can save the NPP folder anywhere you would like but all the files in that folder must stay together.


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