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 Nursing Productivity Pak modules:

Patient Acuity Grading Tool
Staffing Mix Calculator
Staff Assignment Tool

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This Tool meets an important need of EVERY Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility and Clinic...to ensure consistent, complete communication of patient care information between patient care professionals. It is also a valuable administrative tool for accurate record keeping and information management.

This software solution can be used by the smallest hospital with only one computer (PC or Mac).

The Short Story:This tool places legible and current patient care information in the hands of Nurses and Aides at the beginning of each shift. No more zeroxing of scribbled, barely legible information! Inter-shift communication, continuity of care and error free nursing are all issues directly addressed by the Nursing Productivit Pak.

   M o r eD e t a i l s-  HOW DOES IT WORK?

  • Simple, fast, powerful, automated operation:
    • The Charge Nurse fills out the staff assignment form by choosing staff names from popup lists.
    • Staff assignments are then automatically generated based on the patient acuity, patient census, and/or care team assignments.
    • Custom assignment worksheets are then printed for each Nurse and Aide.
    • Each Nurse and Aide receive detailed patient information, making it unnecessary to copy report sheets by hand or zerox scribbled, illegible copies.
    • Report time is expedited, as only emerging issues need be reported and discussed.
    • Patient information is easily entered and quickly updated at any time.

   F e a t u r e s

  • Created by a Nurse for Nurses, the Staff Assignment Tool from EZRecord Systems:
    • Ensures quality of care:
      • current, accurate, legible patient care information is placed in worker's hands at the beginning of every shift.
    • Reduces errors:
      • key patient care details are legibly provided for each worker, reducing transcription errors and the chance that care will be omitted or incorrect care provided.
    • Improves inter-shift communication:
      • up-to-the-minute information is communicated to each worker, in legible printing, regarding patient condition, medications, treatments, recent Doctor orders, diet changes, labs, etc.
    • Promotes continuity of care:
      • important care details are reliably transferred to each worker on each shift, ensuring that patient needs are addressed consistently, regardless of shift or staff changes.
    • Shortens inter-shift report time, getting workers out on the floor sooner:
      • taped or live reports can be shortened to include only those items that have changed, need particular emphasis or indicate conditions outside normal limits.
    • Speeds information entry:
      • Nurses and Aides no longer need to laboriously write out room numbers, patient names, diagnosis, recent vital signs, diet, transfer status, bladder and bowel, allergies, recent orders, etc.; each Nurse and Aide is provided with their own custom Patient Assignment Worksheet.
      • The Charge Nurse no longer manually writes out patient assignments and patient care details. These are generated from the Charge Nurse Assignment Worksheet; recurring details appear automatically or are selected from popup lists with the click of a mouse.
    • Improves morale:
      • Nurses may choose between 4 different worksheet styles. Workers are caring for patients, not bogged down by the needless, repetitive entering of information on multiple forms.
    • Provides a searchable record of patient care:
      • NPP uses the database engine, FileMaker Pro, a fast and powerful database development environment that has virtually unlimited capacity for storage, expansion and information management.
      • Search through past patient records, using any of 40 patient data catagories as search criteria, e.g. "Give me a list of Dr. Johnson's patients in May of 1998.", or "Sort and list all patients in 1998 by Diagnosis.", etc.
    • Generates custom Reports:
      • provides Supervisors with the ability to track patient and staffing trends across months or years
    • Can be used on just one computer
      • performs as a stand-alone productivity tool
    • User friendly design is easy to learn and easy to use, especially for workers new to computers:
      • NPP uses a simple, intuitive design that makes sense even to non-computer users, thus requiring minimal orientation
    • Password protection:
      • access and privileges to read or change information in forms and fields can be password controlled, a feature available by special order.
    • Cross-platform design completely compatible on PC and Macintosh computers and networks; both types of computers can utilize SAT on the same network.
      • WinXP, Win 98SE, NT, 3.1, Windows for Workgroups or Macintosh 68K or better, with 8 mb RAM

      Typically, each unit customizes it's own software with unique terminology for diagnosis/treatments, etc., room #'s, Dr.'s, staff.  This feature is one of NPP's great strengths.  Each unit/floor will designate a shift to update the patient care data QD.  This is really the only "cost" to using the program but the dividends are clear and accurate patient care info as displayed on Charge Nurse's report sheet and customized nursing/cna worksheets.  After the initial entering of unit and patient care data, the QD update is usually quick and easy, depending largely on the patient turnover of each unit.
      At the end of each shift, someone clicks a couple of buttons to print out the worksheets to give to the oncoming nursing staff.  Report time is shorter, to the point and more efficient as nurses are freed from the wasteful daily copying of all information from the RAND.  They are more likely to note small details, emerging issues and ask questions of off-going nurses when freed of the drudgery of filling out blank worksheets.  Of course, nurses still check and update each worksheet against the RAND as part of taking report.  CN's love the voluminous information that is displayed on their 8 1/2 X 14 inch (landscape format) worksheets and how easy staff assignments are done.  Nurses that float to your unit will positively love it, making the transition easier for the nurse and safer for the patient.  You will no doubt soon hear that nurses are asking for the software back at their home units.
      The network version of the software will run on any machine that is currently being used as a server.  Each client pc will need to have a copy of Filemaker Pro installed on it, while the data is stored centrally on the server.  A client-server setup necessarily requires more tech involvement.
        Implementing a pilot program on just one or two units would be an inexpensive way to evaluate whether this approach is for you. 

      The runtime version of the software requires minimal pc resources and will run on any pc whose processor runs at 300 mhz or greater.  RAM can be as low as 128 mb. 

       Network Version of the Nursing Productivity Pak  



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